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Do you know where socializing went wrong? Because we certainly do. It comes as no surprise that the major social media platforms such as the “Big Blue”, seem to have forgotten what people began using the internet for – an escape!

People sought refuge in their social media platforms, primarily from the daily grind, just to have a chat or keep up with their idols. But is that truly how you feel when you go online? Bullying, discrimination, hate speech, threats, and an overall pessimistic environment, have rendered the online life unhealthy and rather depressing. But we have a fix for it. In the pursuit of helping you connect with the people you love, Togbok set out on a clear mission.

As a rudimentary approach, Togbok wants to take you back to where it all began – without the privacy concerns, the negativity, and, of course, the ads. Since we plan on swimming entirely against the tide, you can bid adieu to the hassle of keeping track of your personal data and never really knowing if it is being shared among third parties. Our simplified solution is a no-brainer: NO THIRD-PARTY ACCESS! You read that correctly. We don’t fancy any sort of third-party involvement at any step. Your data is safe with you, to be shared entirely ON YOUR TERMS with whomever you wish to disclose it to. In fact, you’ll notice that our registration process asks for minimal information, just enough to uniquely identify your account. We don’t want to know what you don’t want to share.

With Togbok, you can make groups, bring in your own followers, and even seek employees and/or employers, with the hope of a better future. You can read more about our story and how it all began on our About Page.

What do you really get when you go online nowadays, aside from the light-hearted memes and vines? Yes, there is indeed a dark side to social media that opens you up to a whole lot of hate, discrimination, bullying, and propaganda, sprinkled with a few privacy concerns and sponsored content. Is that how you’ve always wanted social media to be like? Of course, not.

Dedicated to giving the people, YOU, a fresh start, we conceived the notion of Togbok – a simple, safe, ad-free platform to help you connect with the people you know and the people you want to know.

We’ve felt that the use of social media has started to develop a strong association with depression and anxiety. And we think that the major platforms are to blame; having made it so easy for people to bully, target, stalk, and send hate to other people. That isn’t something that we’ve ever been able to fathom. Being mindful of this norm, we decided to morph our community into a rather friendly platform with ZERO tolerance for any sort of negativity.

Aside from that, we also witnessed how the socializing experience is adversely affected by the surplus of advertisements and privacy issues that have recently made global news. Nobody wants to log in to their social media platforms knowing their content isn’t really theirs or to see irrelevant, sponsored content – they do it to catch up with people, reconnect.

And while all this is well in keeping with our mission, we didn’t think we were entirely done. Togbok was always meant to be a platform where people could be as inclusive as possible. So, we went ahead and incorporated a standard job portal for people in the hopes of giving them a chance at a better life. While we do charge for it, it’s only in the best interest of both parties involved.
You see, Togbok will always be for the people; never afraid to deviate from the norm to give you the unparalleled experience that you very well deserve.


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